Ethnic studies

Insolvency declaration at Laurentian throws much into limbo

Laurentian University's financial insolvency leads to 110 faculty layoffs and grave questions about the future of the institution and its three federated universities -- including one of Canada's oldest Indigenous studies programs.


Cal State Northridge faculty members say system is attacking ethnic studies

California State University, Northridge, prided itself on an extra general-education requirement centering on comparative cultural studies, but the Cal State system wants uniformity across campuses.


Is 'identity liberalism,' widespread on college campuses, to blame for Donald Trump's rise?


Is “identity liberalism,” widespread on college campuses, to blame for Donald Trump’s rise? Scholars are divided.


Scholar who has made name as Cherokee is accused of not having Native American roots

In wake of Rachel Dolezal scandal, a prominent professor in Native American studies who regularly says she is Native American is accused of misrepresenting her background.


U. Illinois board votes 'No' on Salaita appointment

Steven Salaita will not work at the U. of Illinois, trustees confirm Thursday. But they commit to doing the "right thing," possibly in a settlement.


Survey finds stability in humanities departments

Survey finds departments and numbers of faculty positions more stable than is widely assumed, and policies on use of digital materials for promotion absent from most institutions.

Cal State LA faculty split on changing diversity requirement


Cal State Los Angeles professors vote to require all students to take a course in race or ethnicity, but fail to adopt proposal that course be taught in ethnic studies department.


A National Consortium for Digital Ethnic Studies

Salem State University will create a national consortium of regional public universities to help institutions that serve traditionally underrepresented students develop courses in digital ethnic studies, a field that uses data visualization and other digital tools to highlight the experiences of underrepresented minority communities. 

“While many private universities have digital humanities courses, recent research shows that less than a quarter of public universities offer these opportunities despite high interest on campus,” Roopika Risam, Salem State’s chair of secondary and higher education, who will head the consortium, said in a press release. “In a digital world, we are risking a deepening divide when it comes to the stories we hear and who is telling them.”

The university announced Tuesday that it received a $3 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to launch what will be known as the Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium. Over the next three years, the network of universities will develop digital ethnic studies programming and models for incorporating the programs into the offerings of minority-serving institutions and especially diverse campuses. It will use foundation funds to distribute grants to 85 digital ethnic studies faculty members across the country.

Partner institutions include Texas Southern University, New Jersey City University and California State University, Fullerton.

The consortium “will develop more sustainable digital humanities projects, fellowships, curriculum, and campus infrastructure that centers our largely minority and largely first-generation student populations and the communities they call home,” Jamila Moore Pewu, an assistant professor of history at California State University, Fullerton, said in a press release.

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California Community Colleges will require ethnic studies

The California Community Colleges system will require students to take an ethnic studies course. The new policy follows legislation that established a similar requirement at the California State University system last year.


Scholars confront coronavirus-related racism in the classroom, in research and in community outreach


Scholars with expertise in Asian American studies, public health and other fields have a new urgent agenda for their teaching, research and outreach: confronting coronavirus-related racism.



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