Ethnic studies

Investigation Over 9/11 Teachings

Wisconsin orders inquiry after instructor shares controversial views on radio show, and suggests he will include them in class.

Next Generation Diversity

Williams College rethinks how students should learn about different groups and cultures -- seeking a different kind of requirement.

Major Move Ahead?

Cal State Northridge could become the first college in the country to offer a Central American studies major.

A Book She Didn't Write

A week after Ohio University announced that Thelma Wills Foote would become the next chair of African-American studies, with the rank of full professor, the university announced that she wouldn't be coming to the university after all.

The second announcement followed an investigation into her publication record and the university's conclusion that she claimed to have co-written a book in which her publicly noted contribution consists of only five paragraphs.

Facing Up to a Role in Slavery

University of Virginia board expresses "regret" over use of slave labor.

Ward Churchill and Academic Freedom

His supporters say issues of principle are at stake. But Colorado's president derides those arguments as a "Paris Hilton defense."

Ward Churchill Fired

University of Colorado regents vote 8-1 to dismiss controversial professor for research misconduct. He vows to sue.

Should AP Add African-American History?

Some school districts are pushing for a new offering, but College Board -- citing lack of support in higher education -- is skeptical.

Changing Geographies of American Studies

Leaders of evolving field consider how they fit into higher education, business culture, area studies, local economies and the No Child Left Behind era -- and are urged to move beyond "siege mentality."

Concern Over Michigan Tenure Case

Supporters seek to rally support for Andrea Smith, a prominent voice in ethnic studies, who won backing from only one of her two departments.


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