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Racial disparities in higher education funding could widen during economic downturn


Since the last recession, the U.S. has made little progress on the funding gap for colleges that serve disproportionate shares of students of color. That gap may widen as the country heads into another recession.

A new Education Department spirit under Biden?

Many think it could be.

What a second Trump term would bring higher education

There are Republican ideas to pursue, but most say they don't know what to expect -- except for more attacks on elite institutions.

Questions for Kevin Carey about his proposal for a broad restructuring of higher education

Kevin Carey answers questions about his proposal to reshape higher education with a new federal subsidy tied to requirements for participating colleges to join uniform pricing and credit-transfer systems.

Colleges implement changes to meet Title IX deadline

The regulations for responding to campus sexual misconduct complaints go into effect today. Some colleges are implementing them along with their own guidelines to protect sexual assault victims.

As college professors worry about campus reopenings, Congress debates need for workplace protections

As some professors and other campus workers raise concerns about their safety as campuses reopen, Congress is divided over increasing federal workplace safety regulations during the pandemic.

Aid for DACA students becomes a sticking point in relief package debate

Republicans release their plan for coronavirus relief. Not included: help for DACA students.

Despite Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration moves to curb DACA

In what critics say is defiance of Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration says it will reject new DACA applications and shorten the renewal period to one year.

Trump administration drops directive on international students and online courses

The decision to abandon a directive that would have prevented international students from taking all their coursework online came in response to a lawsuit from Harvard and MIT.

Trump administration pushes for colleges and schools to reopen

As the Trump administration pushes for colleges and schools to reopen, Congress heard a call to do so without worsening the pandemic's racial impacts.


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