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Net Price vs. Sticker Price

When financial aid is included, what students pay rises less sharply -- but still usually outpaces inflation, U.S. study finds.

Lenders Speak Out Against Cuts

Letter to lawmakers says reductions in student loan programs would hurt students and lenders alike, limiting access to college.

Senate Plans Scrutiny of American U.

Finance panel's review to focus on board's due diligence in setting ex-president's pay -- and nonprofit trustee oversight generally.

Tough Love for Colleges

Federal higher ed panel emphasizes colleges' high prices and urges greater accountability.

A Key Senator's Suggestions

It's far from clear, at this relatively early stage, whether the Secretary of Education's Commission on the Future of Higher Education will go the legislative route to pursue whatever changes its members desire. But if the panel chooses to do so, it will almost certainly need the help of U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), the former U.S. education secretary and University of Tennessee president who heads the Senate's education subcommittee. 

Painful Weekend in Congress

Bills contain mostly bad tidings for colleges and students, especially on loans, but funds may surface for science grants and Katrina-damaged colleges.

Hoping to Avoid $7 Billion Expense

FCC officials suggest that there are multiple ways to interpret regulation on campus networks -- but colleges want clarity.

Evidence of Pentagon Surveillance

College officials express concern about information apparently gathered about campus protests against the military.

Clamping Down on Corruption

Public institutions in New Jersey face intense scrutiny from both state and federal governmental officials.

Bush Push on 'Critical' Foreign Languages

On Thursday, President Bush and a bevy of government officials -- including the secretaries of state, education and defense -- announced a wide ranging plan to enhance the foreign language skills of American students.


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