Financial aid

Kennedy School admissions plan raises broad questions

Harvard’s Kennedy School plans to combine admissions and financial aid positions and to lay off those who hold the positions today. Some experts are dubious.

Report: FAFSA completion fell 4.8 percent in year that ended June 30

Report says fewer students -- especially low-income and minority students -- are filling out the form.

Doubling the maximum Pell Grant is necessary, experts say, but is it attainable?

The value of the Pell Grant hasn’t kept up with the cost of college, making a substantial increase in the maximum award amount worthy of support from both sides of the aisle.


Federal Student Aid COO resigns; FAFSA has technical difficulties

Federal Student Aid’s COO resigned Friday, amid political pressure from progressives. Meanwhile, FAFSA underwent technical difficulties, potentially impacting some students’ ability to submit.


University of California and Cal State to give emergency aid to DACA students

University of California and Cal State say they will give emergency grants to DACA students, after education secretary excluded them from the stimulus bill.


As stimulus remains in flux, Democrats push for more student debt cancelation

House Democrats are calling for at least $10,000 of each borrower's student debt to be canceled as part of the stimulus plan being negotiated in Congress.


Senate Republicans join Democrats in rebuke of DeVos on borrower-defense rule

Ten Senate Republicans joined Democrats in backing a resolution opposing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's borrower-defense rule, following a similar measure passed by the House.


Lamar Alexander wants Higher Education Act deal within a month

Senator Lamar Alexander says a bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act should pass the education committee in about a month, to give it time to get through Congress this year.


Bloomberg plan brings contrast with Warren and Sanders, but differs from other moderates

Candidate for Democratic presidential nomination proposes limited debt cancellation, tuition-free four-year college for low-income students and doubling Pell's maximum award.


Virginia governor looks to curb state aid for online courses

Governor has proposed ending tuition assistance for students who take classes online, drawing intense criticism from Liberty University and its president, Jerry Falwell Jr.



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