Financial aid

Occupy movement proposes refusing to pay back loans

A pledge for student loan borrowers to stop paying back their loans has emerged from the Occupy movement, causing concern in some quarters.

Tax credits for tuition growing rapidly

Tax credits for tuition grew explosively from 2008 to 2009. But unlike Pell Grants, the tax expenditures appear to be off the table in discussions about cutting federal financial aid.

Occupy protests focusing increasingly on student debt

Student debt has emerged as a major focus of the protests. Some worry that prospective students are hearing the wrong message -- while others see important shifts in the political debate about borrowing.

Education Department enforced distance education rule before it was published

A group of associations has charged the Education Department with asking colleges to comply with a new rule before it was ever published.

Louisville Seminary will eliminate master's tuition by 2015


Louisville seminary, concerned about debt burden for graduates entering low-paying fields, will give full scholarships to all master's students by 2015.

Report Finds Colleges Fail to Disclose Information

A study of 300 four-year colleges and universities find that many do not make disclosures required by the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

Cooper Union weighs charging tuition, raising questions about viability of tuition-free model

Cooper Union debate about charging tuition points to the challenges of maintaining tuition-free higher education.

Advocate for students chides colleges for policies on low-income students


Admissions group invites a critic to address its members, who get an earful about policies that disadvantage low-income students. But campus leaders earn more blame.

Reports find student aid shift from states to federal government

With tuition continuing to rise, College Board reports find the burden of paying for college shifting from states to the federal government.

U.S. warns colleges about financial aid 'fraud rings'

Education Department calls on colleges to do more to prevent and detect financial aid "fraud rings."


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