Financial aid

How student debt became a focus of the presidential campaign

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In the first weeks of the 2012 campaign, Obama and Romney focused not on economic or foreign issues but on the student loan interest rate. Could student debt play a significant role in this year's elections?

Study suggests limitations in CARD Act's effectiveness

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Study turns up mixed reviews in the effectiveness of the CARD Act of 2009, parts of which were intended to protect students from aggressive marketing by credit card companies, on and off campus.

Colleges worry about end of federal aid based on "ability to benefit"

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High school dropouts used to be able to qualify for federal grants and loans based on a basic skills test. That ends in July, and community colleges are worried about what will happen to these students.

Education Department raises hackles over clock hour definition

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The Education Department's take on the definition of "clock hour" programs is too broad and could unfairly cut into federal aid, say a Texas state agency and for-profits.

Obama plan to tie tuition prices to aid eligibility draws criticism

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With Obama proposing to make colleges that increase tuition too much ineligible for some federal financial aid, many say that would only make matters worse.

Higher education proposals included in State of the Union

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In State of the Union speech, Obama calls for keeping student loan interest rates low and warns colleges to stop raising tuition -- or risk losing federal support.

Budget compromise would preserve maximum Pell grant, NIH funding

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A budget compromise would slightly increase funding for the National Institutes of Health and change eligibility for the largest federal grant program for college students.

Late audits were culprit in sanction of W.Va.'s public colleges

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Public universities in the state were slapped with sanctions that will slow release of federal student aid and add an extra layer of approval for new programs -- a result of three years of late audits, the top reason public universities suffer the penalty.

Excess credit hour policies increase student debt

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A new research paper finds that excess credit hour policies don’t lead to completion, just more student debt.

Advocates say department inaction, forced arbitration leave defrauded borrowers in bind

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Student advocates say Education Department’s slow processing of borrower-defense claims and blocking of ban on mandatory arbitration put defrauded borrowers in a bind.


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