Financial aid

New U.S. data show lower student borrowing after surge in Pell spending

U.S. report shows undergraduate borrowing was down in 2015-16 from four years earlier, across nearly all types of institutions. Meanwhile, the proportion of students receiving grant funding rose.

Consumer groups scrutinize prepaid student aid card program

Education Department releases details on new prepaid card for some federal student loan recipients. But consumer advocates question the pilot program over student data and restrictions on spending.

New papers find persistent barriers to aid for low-income students, despite federal policy changes

Two new papers find application rates for federal student aid continue to lag for low-income students, and serious barriers remain for those most in need of help paying for college.

Department of Ed rejects calls to update oversight measures

Even as GAO and others say department needs to do more to monitor institutions for financial risks, department doesn't plan changes.

Late audits were culprit in sanction of W.Va.'s public colleges

Public universities in the state were slapped with sanctions that will slow release of federal student aid and add an extra layer of approval for new programs -- a result of three years of late audits, the top reason public universities suffer the penalty.

Excess credit hour policies increase student debt


A new research paper finds that excess credit hour policies don’t lead to completion, just more student debt.

Advocates say department inaction, forced arbitration leave defrauded borrowers in bind

Student advocates say Education Department’s slow processing of borrower-defense claims and blocking of ban on mandatory arbitration put defrauded borrowers in a bind.

As lawmakers examine improper payments, record of former FSA chief under scrutiny

Republicans in Congress press issue of improper payments by Department of Education and suggest possible subpoena of former student aid chief.

DeVos says Education Dept. will provide relief to students promised loan discharge

Education secretary finally responds, without detail, to Democratic lawmakers who sought answers on status of promised student loan discharge claims for defrauded borrowers.

A glimpse into some experiments with income-share agreements

Colleges (and nontraditional providers) experiment with income-share agreements as innovation that could help some people afford education and training.


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