Financial impacts

Enrollment declines continue, National Student Clearinghouse finds

Undergraduate enrollment is still down across higher education, according to the latest National Student Clearinghouse report. Black and Hispanic enrollment in community colleges is still down more than white and Asian enrollment.

College promise programs face cuts, uncertainty and changes

As states begin slashing budgets, some free college programs are feeling the sting.

Regional public colleges prepare to return to on-campus learning

Many regional public universities plan to open campuses this fall, against a backdrop of financial, political and enrollment pressure -- and a push by many students to return.

Public colleges in N.J. face bleak future budgets, tough choices

Second nationally in deaths caused by the coronavirus. A frozen state budget. Efforts to recruit students to stay. How will higher education in New Jersey survive the coronavirus pandemic?

Community colleges, regional publics lost in formula for CARES Act funds

Holes in the formula to divvy up coronavirus stimulus funds to higher education left institutions that serve the most needy students underresourced, experts say.

Students sue universities for tuition and fee refunds

At least five institutions and university systems are facing class action lawsuits filed by students who want refunds on spring semester tuition and other fees.

How coronavirus and the recession will affect open-access colleges

A public health crisis and a global recession have hit higher education at the same time. What could the future look like for open-access colleges, which serve the most vulnerable?

How will for-profit colleges fare in the recession?

Are for-profit colleges poised to bounce back in the newly begun recession? Or are their glory days behind them?

Students organize their own aid networks as campuses close for virus

As campus closures strain low-income students, undergrads at over a dozen universities have started large "mutual aid" networks and fundraisers to defray costs.

Why are some colleges closing over virus concerns while others stay open?

A growing number of colleges and universities close or cancel in-person classes while others keep running as usual. Why are institutions responding differently?


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