UF says professors can be paid experts. They're suing anyway

U of Florida says three professors can now testify as experts in an elections lawsuit, and accept customary payment for their time. The professors are suing the university anyway. UF’s faculty union describes a larger pattern of apparent political interference in academic matters.


U of Florida's critics aren't satisfied by pro bono policy

The University of Florida’s critics aren’t satisfied with its change of heart -- that professors can testify in a voting rights case against the state now, as long as they do it for free. 


What's at stake in the search for a new president at Miami Dade College

As the board of Miami Dade College moves to find a new president, experts discuss what's at stake for the community college that leads the nation in educating students from underrepresented minority groups.


Florida's Indian River State College sees significant improvements in remediation

A two-year college in Florida makes dramatic gains in developmental education course pass rates, even amid a state-mandated change to remedial education and the addition of performance funding.


Florida's remedial law leads to decreasing pass rates in math and English

More students at Florida's two-year colleges are failing college-level courses in the aftermath of a new state law that allows them to skip remediation.


Florida governor candidates spar over higher education funding

Gubernatorial candidates have traded barbs for months over their records and the state's colleges and universities.


One liberal arts college loses money after its state adopts a performance funding model

It's one liberal arts college's first encounter with a performance funding model, and so far it isn't faring so well.


A professor and her class at New College

Florida law gives students and colleges flexibility on remediation

New Florida law lets high school graduates decide for themselves -- no testing needed -- whether they are ready for college-level work.

Michigan lets community colleges issue four-year degrees, amid controversy

Michigan is the latest state to allow community colleges to issue bachelor's degrees. But despite controversy and turf wars, actual practice remains limited, for now.


Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast raises question of what a university is entitled to track about faculty members

Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast U. raises question of what a university is entitled to track about every professor.



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