Foreign countries

Study finds limited collaboration between research elites and developing nations


Outside of medicine, collaboration between research elites and poor nations is limited, study finds.

Academics oppose proposed higher education law in Poland


Academics see ominous provisions in new higher ed law.

Study shows how Italy faces brain drain that defies expectations


Analysis of Italian Ph.D. graduates finds that the milk as well as the cream leave.

Saudi plans for higher education attract enthusiasm and cautions


Country makes large investments in universities, but experts say cultural issues could limit progress.

Critics fear European research efforts will lead to work on 'killer robots'


As European Union increases funding for military research, some fear where drone studies could go.

Tuition freeze raises Purdue's profile -- at what cost?

Holding tuition flat since 2012-13 has raised the land-grant university’s profile and helped it grow, but it is fueling competition for resources by academic departments -- and Purdue is still working to enroll more students from Indiana.

Survey finds global boom in private higher education enrollments


In many countries, public higher education no longer dominates, report finds.

Academics in Zimbabwe have hope and concerns for post-Mugabe era


Scholars hope for more freedom in post-Robert Mugabe era. Many call for revoking Grace Mugabe’s Ph.D. as a key first step toward ending government intrusions.

Election victors in Czech Republic seek shift in priorities in higher education


Observers expect a “market-oriented” approach, focused on the economy.

Turkish academics remain fearful in exile


In Germany, they fear online harassment and the watchful eyes of those who support the Turkish government.


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