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Dutch educators debate growth of English instruction at their universities


Sixty percent of courses at universities in the Netherlands are now taught in English. In master's programs, the figure is 70 percent.

Ontario college to stop operating male-only campus in Saudi Arabia

Ontario college cites financial reasons in withdrawing from its male-only campus in Saudi Arabia, but others, citing human rights grounds, question the original decision to be there.

How the crackdown in Turkey is affecting international academic collaboration


A crackdown on Turkey’s higher education sector after a failed coup has far-reaching effects for fraying academic collaboration and exchange.

Myanmar universities gain some autonomy


Universities appear to be gaining some autonomy.

What other countries can teach the U.S. about student loans

Could student loan repayment models from other countries work in the United States?

Academics in Middle East and North Africa frequently avoid publicizing their research


In the Middle East and North Africa, many researchers don't boast about their findings, explains one expert.

Study based on GDP impact projects creation of many more universities globally


Analysis projects that global expansion of higher education is likely to continue.

What impact would Catalan independence have on higher education


Many academic leaders believe region's universities would fare better without Spanish bureaucracy.

Attack on Pakistan's Bacha Khan University Kills 20

Twenty killed in assault on Bacha Khan University, the latest attack on an educational institution in a country that has suffered more than any other.

Reports of Indian students being turned away at border cast spotlight on two little-known California institutions

Reports of Indian students being turned away by customs officials and prevented from boarding U.S.-bound flights cast spotlight on two little-known California institutions with 90 percent-plus international enrollment.


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