Foreign countries

An academic faces online criticism after blog post about Indonesian-U.S. relations


Swiss academic based in Britain finds himself under attack over blog post about meeting between Indonesian and U.S. presidents.

Analysis tracks mobility of academics worldwide


Analysis tracks which countries' academics are mobile internationally.

Leaders of higher education in Chile discuss prospects for reform


Higher education leaders discuss prospects for change.

New reports consider whether Australia's quest for international student tuition revenue is eroding standards

Australia considers whether the quest for tuition revenue from abroad is eroding standards.

Big legal win for academic free speech in Europe


European Court of Human Rights rules that faculty members have a right to criticize their bosses.

NYU professor is denied entry to the UAE, where the university has a campus

After N.Y.U. professor working on migrant labor issues is barred from entering the United Arab Emirates, questions emerge about implications for faculty at the university's branch campus there.


President of KAUST says he won't criticize Saudi policies


The president of Saudi Arabia’s flagship graduate research university has rejected calls for him to condemn restrictions on freedom of speech in the country.

European University Association raises concerns about possible trade deals

European university leaders are worried about the potential higher education-related impacts of two trade agreements involving the U.S. that are under negotiation.

Paper sees oral exams as strategy to reduce cheating in Gulf universities


Oral exams can be used to promote academic integrity in countries where students don't hesitate to cheat, paper argues.

Poland sends top academics to special courses in California


New initiative sends top Polish academics to special 9-week courses at Stanford and Berkeley.


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