Foreign countries

Spain seeks to attract more foreign students


Spain, in bid for more foreign students, eliminates entrance exam.

The 29-year-old who is a force in reforming higher education in Ukraine


A 29-year-old is playing a key role in reforming higher education.

Study questions whether some countries see much payoff from research efforts


When developing nations invest in R&D, they may see only minimal economic results, report finds.

Report notes issues raised as English become global higher ed language


As English grows as language of instruction worldwide, many key issues remain unresolved, report says.

KAUST criticized for not doing enough for Saudi students


Princess asks whether the university is too focused on attracting international students.

Deported vice chancellor wants to return to Papua New Guinea

A vice chancellor struggles to return to a university where students are rallying behind him.

Researchers in Switzerland lose out due to country's vote on immigration


Universities in Switzerland have grown research reputations by recruiting top scholars worldwide, but country's recent anti-immigrant vote endangers financial support from Europe.

Report outlines attacks on universities and academics around the world


From abduction and arbitrary arrest to assassination, report offers comprehensive picture of assaults on universities, their students and staff around the world.

Universities in Poland struggle with shrinking enrollments


Dwindling student numbers and limited progress in international recruiting pose challenges for country's universities.


Study suggests that aid to postsecondary education may be best way to help developing nations


New review of research suggests that developing nations may gain more from investments in postsecondary education than from efforts in primary and secondary education.


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