Foreign countries

Croatia debates how to finance higher education


A country that needs higher education struggles for a consensus on how to pay for it.

President of private college in Argentina has unusual idea to finance higher education


Argentine university president argues that Google's business model could be applied to higher education.

Indonesia seeks higher education strategy to fill its needs gap


Indonesia seeks a higher education strategy to fill its skills gap, add Ph.D.s and provide more instruction in English.

Report links global cuts to higher education to corruption


When money gets tight, people are tempted to do the wrong thing at just the time that oversight may be least effective, report says.

Convictions of Turkish academics provoke outcry from international scholarly groups

International scholarly groups raise concerns about the long sentences handed down to six Turkish academics and former university rectors caught up in a massive terrorism-related trial widely condemned as unjust.

Spain tries to keep higher ed reform moving in a time of austerity


Can Spain keep reform of its stagnant university system on track in tough times?

Conference on future of academic freedom after the Arab Spring


Conference explores the state of higher education and academic freedom in a region undergoing considerable change.

Study finds BRICK countries spending on research increasing, but not always aligned with strengths

Study finds soaring spending on science in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Korea, but investments don't always match areas of strength.

The fund raising drive for Syrian scholars and students continues

A campaign to fund scholarships and fellowships for Syrian students and professors is well under way. The first grantees reflect on the situation they left behind and their hopes to help Syria rebuild.

Interview with first female vice chancellor in Zambia

Hellicy Ngambi, the first female vice chancellor at a public university in Zambia, embraces a framework for ethical leadership.


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