Foreign Students in U.S.

Taking on TOEFL

ETS faces first real challenge to its test for students seeking to demonstrate English proficiency to American colleges.

International Rebound

For the first time since 2002, enrollment of first-time graduate students from abroad is up.

Making Sense of 'Bologna Degrees'


In the early 1990s, the then-presidents of Oberlin College and Stanford University floated the idea that the standard time for an undergraduate degree might be better at three years instead of four. The idea went nowhere -- at least in the United States.

International Recovery

New data suggest that the post-9/11 crisis in foreign enrollments is over; Americans studying abroad increased by 8%.

Cuban Collaboration

After period of uncertainty, scholars in Boston and Havana celebrate release of their co-authored book.

Students as Taliban Helpers?

3 at Texas colleges arrested, leaving educators concerned and some worried about a backlash.

New Worries on Foreign Students

Analysis of visa trends suggests that renewed optimism about flow of international talent to U.S. may have been premature.

Foreign Graduate Applications Up Again

Rate of growth slows, though, and numbers still trail pre-2003 level.

Ohio State Dismantles International Office

Restructuring of university's international affairs office prompts concern from international education world.

Improving Graduate Education

Panelists discuss a Council of Graduate Schools report on lost ground and how to boost competitiveness in teaching and research.


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