U. of Arizona's foundation had stake in offshore tax shelter, is suing donor's financial advisers

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The University of Arizona's foundation had a stake in an offshore tax shelter and is now joining with a major donor to sue his financial advisers.

Lumina's new strategies for big completion goal

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Foundation picks new strategies for its college attainment push and grant-making, with a focus on metro areas, innovations and results.

Gates Foundation taps UC's Greenstein to head higher ed work

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Foundation selects Daniel Greenstein, a top official in the University of California system, to lead its higher education program.

Community college association calls for change from within

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Major report from community college association sets broad goals for the sector, but is couched in familiar terms.

Whitman College faculty question Koch Foundation grant

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Whitman professors find it inappropriate that the foundation, following a grant for a lecture, requested students' e-mail addresses.

Consensus or Groupthink?

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INDIANAPOLIS -- The last two years have seen the emergence of the closest thing in arguably 50 years to a national higher education agenda in the United States.

How to Do More With Less

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With $9 million in grants to 7 states and focus on recipients' common tactics for more productive use of money, Lumina Foundation aims to drive progress toward college completion goal.


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