College hazing becoming easier to punish

With high-profile hazing cases such as the death of Timothy Piazza at Penn State comes more willingness to punish -- by both prosecutors and universities.


Greek councils, administrators clash over how to sanction fraternities

Should all-male panels of fraternity members be deciding on the guilt of fraternities accused of, among other things, harassing and violating the privacy of women? Can Greek systems be fair in judging their own?


Greek students at Missouri outraged by proposals to ban women from visiting fraternities on weekend nights

U of Missouri considers plan to bar women from visiting fraternity houses on weekend nights. University says idea is to prevent sexual assault, but sorority leaders are among those most opposed.

How widespread are the issues facing fraternities?

Greek life has been defended for years with claims that most problems are caused by just a few members. Can that argument survive?


U. of Maryland wrestles with how to punish fraternity member who sent racist, sexist e-mail

U. of Maryland discovers that, in wake of Oklahoma fraternity's racist chant, offensive statements by fraternity members will get more scrutiny -- both from those demanding tough responses and those who want no response.

Several Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapters accused of racism in recent years


U. of Oklahoma removes Sigma Alpha Epsilon from campus after video surfaces of members singing of pride in keeping black people out. But SAE remains at many campuses, despite hateful incident after hateful incident.


Amherst bans membership in underground fraternities

Thirty years after college eliminated official Greek life, and amid national debate over sexual assault, officials vow to shut down underground system.

Would forcing fraternities to admit women reduce sexual assaults?

Students and faculty at Wesleyan U. push to end all-male Greek houses. Would such a shift protect women?


Segregated sororities not limited to Alabama, experts say


Segregation in sororities is neither a surprise nor unique to Alabama, experts on the Greek system say.


Trinity College fraternities, sororities ordered to go coed

Students say Trinity College of Connecticut's mandate for fraternities and sororities to go coed is, in effect, a death sentence for Greek life.



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