Free speech

Students hope Biden administration's message of unity will resonate on campus


Liberal students, and even some conservatives, feel hopeful that Joe Biden's election will lead to less divisive dialogue on campus and make strides for students of color. But some students on the right worry their free speech rights could be compromised.

Marquette faces student and faculty pushback for planned cuts

Marquette is eyeing deep faculty cuts. An undergraduate says she was targeted for discipline because she questioned the administration.

Students' admission rescinded in response to racist online speech

Incoming and current college students are being reported to their universities for racist speech on social media related to national discussions on police brutality and racial injustice.

Georgetown Law debates punishments for disruptive protesters

A committee at Georgetown University law school is re-evaluating its policies on student protests after a demonstration prevented a speaker's speech. Some law students believe the move will chill free speech.

Iowa State University policies stifle free speech, lawsuit says

Iowa State University policy restricting political messages written in chalk on campus sidewalks is being challenged in court as violating students' free speech rights. Supporters of the policy believe it will protect underrepresented groups from hateful language.

National Communication Association suspends discussion Listserv

What does it mean when the National Communication Association shuts down discussions on its Listserv?

Appeals court: U of Michigan bias team could chill free speech

Federal appeals court rules that the University of Michigan's Bias Response Team might not be able to punish students, but it may still have powers that could limit free expression on campus.

States passing laws to protect college students' free speech

After a rash of student protests against controversial and conservative speakers on college campuses, state lawmakers around the country are passing legislation they say protect everyone’s free speech rights. Not everyone agrees.

Author talks free speech on college campuses in new book

Author argues in new book that conservatives have abused the concept of free expression on college campuses.

Appeals court says university may have violated rights of 'repugnant' humor publication

Appeals court reinstates humor publication's lawsuit alleging that UC San Diego violated its free press and free speech rights by barring access to funds after condemning the publication as "repugnant."


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