Free speech

Louisville reverses decision on anti-LGBTQ pamphleteer


Louisville officials changed their minds about the free speech rights of a student who distributed anti-gay pamphlets at a LGBTQ Studies course. They have banned him from repeating his action.

Conservative student groups say process for official recognition risks viewpoint discrimination

Conservative students say their organizations are often denied official campus recognition -- by other student leaders -- because of their political beliefs.

Proposed rule focuses on faith-based colleges, religious liberty and free speech

The U.S. Education Department says its newly proposed rule would "level the playing field" for religious institutions applying for funding from the agency. But critics question the motives and assumptions underlying the rule.

Author explains ideas in new book on free speech on campus

Author discusses his book that seeks a new framework for the debate about free speech on campus.

Student activists at UNC Chapel Hill create text alert system to warn of presence of racist groups

Student activists at UNC Chapel Hill have created a text alert system that warns the campus when racist groups are nearby.

A program on civic virtue at UNC Chapel Hill is raising concerns about secrecy and funding

A program on civic virtue at UNC-Chapel Hill is raising concerns about secrecy and funding.

Hampton fires nine police officers for offensive social media posts

Hampton University fired nine police officers for posting offensive, racist and misogynistic material on social media. Experts say the social media activities of campus officers and other law enforcement officials are under heightened scrutiny.

Author skewers campus culture wars in new book

New book offers a critique of the campus left and Title IX rules.

New survey shows fewer female students than male are at ease sharing uncomfortable views in classroom

New survey from Gallup finds that women are less likely than men to feel comfortable sharing views in the classroom that may conflict with their peers' opinions.

Decision to no longer pay Transylvania student journalists brings accusations of free speech suppression

Student journalists at Transylvania University are up in arms after administrators took away their pay.


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