Survey forecasts ‘dramatic decline’ in fundraising from pandemic

College fundraising revenue will likely decline as a result of the pandemic, a new survey from a consulting firm shows.

SUNY Binghamton receives largest donation in its history

Binghamton University hopes to expand its national profile with a new baseball stadium paid for by an anonymous donor.

Tufts will remove Sackler name from medical campus, drawing rebuke from Purdue Pharma's owners

Tufts will remove the name of a family closely linked to opioids from its medical campus as it releases a report on decades of donations. Family's lawyer calls the decision "intellectually dishonest," but fundraising experts see needed reckoning with the past.

Carey Foundation rebrands universities it supports

The newly renamed University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School is the latest institution to be rebranded with the Carey name since receiving a multimillion-dollar donation from the W. P. Carey Foundation. Some students and alumni aren't happy about it.

UW Madison has received less than 1 percent of $100M Foxconn pledge

University of Wisconsin Madison, which announced last year it would open joint research campus with Foxconn in 2020, is well behind its original promise.

Alumnus leaves Compton College properties worth millions

An unexpected bequest by an unassuming donor will help financially strapped students at Compton College and also allow the institution to create an endowment.

Donations to colleges are up, but number of donors is down

Last year was a record one for gifts to colleges, but trends about middle-income individuals may point to future problems, report finds.

Donors endowed coaching positions of programs to which children applied

Boston Globe notes pattern with gifts to Yale and other highly competitive colleges.

JPMorgan's $600 million in grants for career education and community colleges

Financial firm rolls out $350 million for career education programs in high-demand fields, following a previous $250 million in similar grants.

Admissions scandal focuses attention on legal donations by parents of applicants

Admissions scandal focuses attention on donations from parents of applicants. Should Congress do something about such philanthropy?


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