Colleges keep lines of communication open with alumni as they respond to diversity concerns

As colleges grapple with issues of race and diversity, they face questions from alumni and donors -- not all of whom are pleased with new campus efforts.

Proactive college closures, like Sweet Briar's, may be good for investors

Troubled colleges closing proactively rather than running themselves off a cliff may be a good development for investors in public debt, a top ratings agency says.

Charitable giving to higher education restored to pre-recession levels, report indicates

Private giving to colleges and universities is back at pre-recession levels -- but with fewer people donating larger sums.

Donors gave $34 billion to colleges in 2013

Generous alumni helped colleges rake in nearly $34 billion in donations in 2013, a 9 percent increase over 2012.

Luther Seminary makes deep cuts to faculty and staff amid tough times for theological schools

Sudden, deep cuts at the largest Lutheran seminary illustrate the challenges facing theological schools across denominations.

Vanderbilt's singular focus on raising money for aid lowers debt

Vanderbilt has seen average student debt decline due to “singular focus” on fund raising for need-based financial aid, a potential model for other universities. Hopkins has taken similar approach.

Vermont group proposes making more of flagship university's board private

Debate over U. of Vermont board raises question: Does a state need politicians appointing trustees to assure the right mission?

Wesleyan shifts away from need-blind policy, citing financial and ethical concerns

Wesleyan University is moving away from need-blind admissions, saying that keeping the policy would require too much money and impose too much debt on some students.

University of Virginia falls short of $3 billion fund-raising goal

University of Virginia's $3 billion fund-raising campaign falls short at deadline, a victim of the economy and overly optimistic ambition.

Cornell poised to win New York City competiton after Stanford withdraws

Cornell is expected to be named today as winner of New York City competition. On Friday, the university announced $350 million gift for effort just after Stanford withdrew.


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