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Political Scientists Stick With New Orleans, Face Boycott

Association rejects call to move 2012 meeting away from Louisiana due to its ban on gay marriage and civil unions.

The Gay Political Scientist

Survey finds reports of both bias and acceptance -- and differing attitudes on including topics related to sexual orientation in the classroom.

Slavic Immigrants vs. Gay Rights

A slate of candidates wins a student government election at a community college and uses its bully pulpit to take a stand against same-sex marriage.

Historians Reject Proposed Boycott

Members vote to hold special sessions in San Diego hotel owned by backer of Proposition 8, rather than risk financial calamity by breaking a contract for 2010 meeting.

Win for Anti-Bias Rules

Appeals court upholds right of a U. of California law school to deny recognition to Christian group that won't allow gay members.

Student Sports Fans and Bigoted Attitudes

Research links identification with college football and basketball teams and higher levels of homophobia and sexism.

Anti-Gay Scholar Rejects NYU

University defended her appointment to visiting position, but announces that she withdrew. NYU also says it didn't know of her statements on gay people when it selected her, but that they wouldn't have been relevant.

'We Are Students for Equality'

WASHINGTON -- Thousands of students from hundreds of colleges converged here Saturday and Sunday for the National Equality March, the first national protest for gay rights in more than a decade.

Students from as far away as the University of Southern California and as close as George Washington University put down their books, rescheduled midterm exams and skipped team practices to bring student voices to the calls for same-sex marriage and an end to the military’s ban on openly gay service members.

Using Extra Protection

"Safer Sex Night" at Oberlin College has garnered a reputation for debauchery, but organizers are trying to tone it down and promote education.

Furor Over Anti-Gay Blog

Some at Purdue want to see a librarian fired, but amid fierce debate over tolerance and free expression, university declines to do so.


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