Gay rights/issues

Goodbye DADT, Hello ROTC

The death of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" signals the return of the signature military training program to elite universities that banned it, presidents promise.

The Same Boxes to Check

Common Application rejects proposals to add optional questions on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Roadblocks for ROTC?

The return of ROTC to some campuses -- seemingly assured by the end of the military's policy against gay service members -- may be hitting a few bumps.

College Yanks Courses by Gay Priest

Chestnut Hill, a Catholic institution, removes courses from adjunct, citing his relationship with a man.

Athletes for Gay Rights

A straight star in college wrestling launches organization to promote equity in sports for people of all orientations.

Equal Time for 'Traditional Values'


The Texas House of Representatives has passed a budget bill that would require any public college with a student center on "alternative" sexuality to provide equal funding to create new centers to promote "traditional values."

While the Senate has yet to adopt a version of the budget bill, the inclusion of the measure in the overall budget bill and the dominance of social conservatives in Texas politics means that the measure could well be enacted. The House vote in favor of the amendment on the campus sexuality centers was 110-24.


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