Gay rights/issues

Vendetta Against Lesbians?

15 years ago, Penn State's women's hoops coach said she didn't want any on her team. A former player says she still acts that way.

Censoring Art or Protecting Workers?

Center for gay students at U. of Michigan at Flint is ordered to remove hermaphrodite artwork.

Baylor Dismisses Gay Alumnus From Advisory Board

University had gladly accepted his donations of time and money, until now.

Baptists, Gays and Trustees

Disputes over colleges' policies on homosexuality reflect larger tensions over control of institutions.

Half a Loaf at Hampton

Participants at liberal event avoid expulsion, but new gay rights group left in limbo on right to form.

Campus Ministry Director -- Gay and Celibate -- Quits

Priest at Saint John's in Minn. says he can no longer represent the Roman Catholic teachings on homosexuality.

Recognition With Limits

After months of debate, Duquesne recognizes a gay straight alliance, but says it must avoid protests.

Strange Bedfellows?

Policy spurred by conflict over sleeping arrangements of gay instructor at U. of St. Thomas is affecting straight employees, too.

Anti-Gay 'Flagging' at NEH?

When most scholars have their grant applications rejected by the National Endowment for the Humanities, they shrug. Only a small minority of grants are approved, so there's no way any application can be a sure thing.

Too Much Information on Sex at Florida

U. of Florida backs down on benefits plan that would have involved asking some employees if they were having sex.


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