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Long-Fought Win for Gay Rights

After retirement of president who called homosexuality a "biological perversion," Missouri State board bars bias.

Affirmative Action for Gay Students

With kids coming out in high school, admissions officers discuss whether to give them preferences. At least one college has such a policy.

Beyond Michigan's Race Referendum

On election night next month, many eyes will be on Michigan, where voters will consider a proposal that would broadly ban race or sex-based affirmative action in all government programs, including college and university admissions. But while that may be the most visible state ballot measure related to higher education this year, dozens of others -- on such diverse issues as state tax and spending limits, eminent domain and gay marriage -- could significantly affect colleges and universities.

Did Assignment Get Too Political?

Missouri State U. punished a former student for refusing to sign a class letter supporting a gay cause, complaint alleges.

How Explicit Is Too Explicit?

Chalked political messages on sidewalks are a campus tradition, but some at Swarthmore say they have gone too far.

Fighting a Distortion of Research

Carol Gilligan was outraged to see an anti-gay leader use her scholarship for a cause she abhors, so she's fighting back -- on YouTube.

A Growing Foundation for Gay Students

Unique scholarship organization, started as a fledgling effort, brings on a staff and office as it plans expansion.

Defeat for Same-Sex Benefits

Michigan appeals court says state ban on gay marriage also limits benefits public colleges can offer gay employees.

No Room for a Gay Group

Hampton University denies recognition to a proposed student organization that says it wants to promote tolerance.

Christopher Newport Bars Anti-Gay Bias

5-year campaign by students and professors leads board to expand equity policy -- and ignore Va. attorney general's recommendation.


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