Gay studies

Study suggests faculty members are disproportionately likely to be gay


A new analysis suggests that's the case, and that academic work -- at once solitary and social in nature -- makes it particularly attractive to those who are not straight.


U of Arizona emphasizes transgender studies

University of Arizona has added faculty lines and a journal, and is planning a major conference and a master's program.


New minor in gay studies faces political attacks in Louisiana


University of Louisiana at Lafayette faces backlash over the first minor of its kind in the state.

Book explores targeting of gay students and faculty by Florida legislators

A new book explores a Florida legislative committee that targeted gay students and professors in the 1950s and '60s.


Fighting a Distortion of Research

Carol Gilligan was outraged to see an anti-gay leader use her scholarship for a cause she abhors, so she's fighting back -- on YouTube.

ROTC Debate Renewed

Remarks by presidential candidates draw attention to issue at Columbia and elsewhere, but whether anything will change remains to be seen.

Larry Kramer Questions Gay Studies

Author/activist offers scathing critique of Yale program he helped build and of discipline, arguing that history would have been a better focus than theory and gender studies.

Return to the Silo

Over faculty objections, Temple is forcing its interdisciplinary programs into traditional disciplines.
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