German rector faced death threats and car crash after free speech dispute


After incidents involving anti-immigrant speaker, university leader found his car sabotaged.

In Germany, students are more satisfied at universities with high marks for research


Elite status having nothing to do with the student experience rubs off on perceptions -- even if this is irrational, study finds.

German university imposes religious code after complaints about Muslim students


U of Hamburg will now let instructors decide whether to ban full-face veils in their classes.

Educators consider Macron's vision for a new type of European university


As people wonder how it would work, a campus run jointly by French, Swiss and German universities offers insights.

A look inside the world of fraternities in Germany


Image problems, outdated traditions (required sword fights) and scandals make it tough to recruit students these days.

Germany's Humboldt University tries to return to its interdisciplinary roots


Humboldt University of Berlin was founded to train students to think beyond single fields. After shifting away from the model, it has recently started a series of programs to encourage it.

Study finds many European academics are reluctant to teach in English


European universities are adding English-language programs, especially at the master’s level, but many faculty members object.

Poll finds stronger support in Europe for investing in vocational education than in universities

Poll indicates stronger popular support across countries for job-related training than for universities.

German universities oppose plan to compete on teaching quality


But plan could still go forward.

Germany sees benefits in educating international students for free


University leaders see benefits to policy in a country with aging population, but some states have been trying to move away from the approach.


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