Study of German academics suggests that professors respond to bonus pay for research productivity


Study of German academics suggests that extra pay concentrates talent and boosts output from some institutions, with corresponding losses elsewhere.

New data show countries gaining and losing in European research competition


Scientists based in Britain win more grants than those of other countries. But Belgium, Germany, Israel and Switzerland have some boasting rights as well.

Study links procrastination and bogus excuses by German university students

In Germany, university students who delay their work are more likely than others to lie about it and to engage in other forms of academic misconduct, study finds.

Plan seeks to encourage many more German students to study abroad

Aim to send 50 percent of students abroad by 2020 and boost foreign cohort at home.

Germany increases size of student grants


German students benefit from increased support at time when other nations are becoming more frugal.

German universities face student housing crisis


Lack of housing for German university students points to larger concerns about paying for higher education in the country.


German universities hope for improvements following election


German rectors want to see the post-election federal government do more to support higher education.

Essay on German expats seeking academic jobs in their home country

Expats from the country or Americans seeking jobs there are in for some surprises when applying for faculty posts, writes Richard Utz.

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Germany bucks global trends by abolishing tuition


One by one, the German states have eliminated tuition fees, bucking global trends toward increased "cost sharing."

Academics in Germany rebel against rankings system

Scholarly groups start effort, and are joined by a university in saying they will no longer participate.


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