GI Bill

Former student veteran earns grant and lands in Senate report

A reference to a veteran's student debt goes from a group's press release to a Democratic Senate report, showing both the power and peril of using anecdotes about students.


New federal scorecard for veterans

Federal agency releases new college comparison site for student veterans and data about where they are enrolled, earning praise from both for-profit colleges and their critics.

New effort to collect student veterans' graduation rates

The U.S. Veterans Administration and the National Student Clearinghouse team up to track graduation rates.


Washington pushes protections for veterans

Protections for veterans lead the way in Washington's higher education accountability push, as veterans' groups and college lobbyists, while sometimes at odds, look for common ground.


Attorneys general announce settlement with for-profit college marketer

In the first result of a multistate investigation into for-profit colleges, state attorneys general announce a settlement -- with a marketing company.


Brookings report on potential impact of dropping so-called 90-10 rule

Sector would get an enrollment boost if Congress were to drop a 90 percent cap on revenue from federal sources, according to a new Brookings Institution analysis.


Ashford University on brink of losing GI Bill benefits

For-profit Ashford University, facing loss of access to GI Bill benefits by month's end, needs approval from a state to stop thousands of student veterans from losing aid.

Army restructures educational system to resemble civilian universities

The U.S. Army will model its newly consolidated approach to educational programs on traditional higher education, in part to help soldiers get more college credits for their military experience.

Warrior-Scholar Project helps military veterans succeed at residential colleges

Two-week boot camp to help veterans make the transition to college is spreading at selective institutions.


University and non-college provider team up on credential for student veterans

Fullbridge gets into the credential business by partnering with Concordia University Chicago on new graduate certificate aimed at veterans of the U.S. military.



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