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What Is a Composition and Rhetoric Doctorate?

Data show stability in number of programs and enrollments, but continued shifts in what programs are called, reflecting tensions within the field over its role and whether it is a single field.

Growth in International Applicants Slows

Number of foreign applicants to U.S. graduate programs increased by only 3 percent this year, survey shows, while about a third of schools saw declines.

'Graduate Education and the Public Good'

At a time when skepticism about higher education and its need for public support edges ever higher, association leaders appear to be settling on a branding strategy of trying to convince people that colleges deserve an increasing share of resources.

Data on Minority Doctorates Suppressed

NSF, citing privacy concerns, bars release of data on minority Ph.D. attainment when only small numbers of degrees are awarded. Diversity advocates question rationale.

Shifts in Ph.D. Tuition Policy

Cornell U. and U. of Pennsylvania move to uniform pricing structures — and in Cornell’s case, a lower one. Its goal: To help professors retain their grant monies.

More Historians on the Way

Doctoral programs see increase in applications and enrollments, but also face significant retention issues.

Non-Cognitive Qualities Join the GRE

After several years of research and testing, ETS will add a major component to the primary test for those enrolling in graduate school, potentially changing how professors evaluate students.

English for Graduate Students

Going beyond TOEFL, U. of Alabama at Birmingham tests international graduate students on their ability to perform high-level academic work in English.

The (Future) Faculty Life, Here and There

Graduate students get broader insight into issues they might soon be facing in higher education in Virginia Tech's "Global Perspectives" study abroad course.

In Grad Admissions, Where Is Class?

Survey of political science departments finds consideration of race and ethnicity, but not socioeconomic background.


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