Graduate education

Supply, Demand and Foreign Students

New analysis finds that "natural economic forces" (as opposed to U.S. failure) go far in explaining the declining share of science and engineering Ph.D.s earned by the American-born.

Ph.D. Admissions Shrinkage

Even as colleges push to fill undergraduate, master's and professional classes, some institutions are shrinking doctoral programs, where the finances differ.

International Applications Up 4%

The growth is concentrated among graduate schools that already have the largest numbers of foreign students.

Matches and Mismatches in Producing Ph.D.'s

SAN DIEGO -- In theory, these days, everyone agrees that attrition in Ph.D. programs is a real problem. Graduate students don't want to spend years in programs from which they will never graduate, and universities don't want to support those who won't complete their programs. Also in theory these days, most academics agree that it's crucial to expand the diversity of the Ph.D. pipeline so that the candidates for faculty positions represent a broader demographic than the current professoriate.

New Idea on Grad Students, Unions

NYU floats idea of having doctoral students join adjunct union. University sees path to improved education and compromise on collective bargaining. UAW sees end run.

Top Ph.D. Programs, Shrinking

Harvard, Chicago and others will enroll smaller classes of doctoral students in the fall. Is recession forcing long-term change on graduate education?

Adviser, but not 'Fiduciary'

There are varying views of where the lines are in the relationships between faculty members and the graduate students they advise.

How Ph.D. Programs Will Be Judged

National Research Council releases long-awaited methodology for still-awaited rankings. Is the system too complicated?

Looking to the Source

Analysis at chemistry meeting asks why some graduate departments are so much more successful than others at placing their female Ph.D.'s and postdocs in top positions.

More Questions on Rankings

Study of "peer assessment" of U.S. News's graduate and professional rankings suggests benefits for institutions being large and relying on standardized testing.


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