Graduate students

House of Representatives holds hearing on unionization on campus

A Congressional committee argues over whether graduate students at private universities should be allowed to unionize.

Survey finds few British Ph.D. students engaged in new media


Survey finds little knowledge about or non-personal use by graduate students.

UW-Madison’s grad student union doesn’t endorse governor’s foe


Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has targeted employee unions. But UW-Madison’s graduate student association chose not to endorse his opponent.

Study: Grad students need more career guidance

Study says colleges, industry and government share responsibility for readying graduate students for careers inside and outside the academy.

New York project seeks a wider audience for liberal arts

Young academics are bringing Plato to the masses in the back of a Brooklyn bar, one 12-person seminar at a time.

Essay on graduate student stipends


It's time for programs to be honest about what their doctoral students need to support life's basic necessities, writes Nate Kreuter.

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Essay offering advice on defending dissertations and theses

William and Matt Eventoff offer tips on how to prepare (and not to prepare) to defend your thesis or dissertation.

Dealing With the Committee

Fabio Rojas suggests ways to keep these key people for your dissertation helpful and supportive -- and strategies to consider if they aren't.

'No More Plan B'

Leaders of history association, arguing that academic job market isn't getting better, call for new ideas on career paths, and adjustments in doctoral education.

New Graduate Enrollments Drop

1.1% decline is first since 2003 and appears based largely on decreases in master’s programs in business and education.


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