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Graduate student union bids at private institutions have succeeded, flopped and been challenged since a major NLRB decision


Graduate student union bids at private institutions have succeeded, flopped and been challenged since a major NLRB decision last summer -- but none thus far has resulted in a contract for student workers. 

How the University of Chicago is helping graduate students find meaningful careers

Institutions want to help their graduate students find meaningful work. Here's how the University of Chicago is doing it.

Ph.D. recipients increase in number, job prospects vary, new U.S. data show

New federal data show American universities awarded a record number of Ph.D.s in 2015.

Berkeley grad students say they should have been told their professor was being investigated for sexual harassment

Colleges don’t tell students that professors are being investigated for -- or even had been found guilty of -- harassment. Berkeley grad students demand change in this practice.

Federal regulators: university subsidies for grad student health insurance can remain

Federal regulators indefinitely stay IRS enforcement ruling that subsidized health insurance plans for graduate students violated provisions of Affordable Care Act.

Surveys of graduate students reveal campus climate issues at Yale, Michigan


At a time when graduate schools are under pressure to produce more minority Ph.D.s, surveys at Yale and Michigan show the challenges facing nonwhite doctoral students.

NLRB says graduate students at private universities may unionize

Federal labor board overturns ruling that denied collective bargaining rights. On many campuses, grad students vow to organize. Many higher ed leaders and Republicans in Congress criticize ruling.

'The Great Eight' set record for black doctorates at Indiana University


Eight African-American women finish doctorates in education simultaneously this year at Indiana U. They created a "sister circle" for support.

New data show tightening Ph.D. job market across disciplines

As number of new Ph.D.s rises, the percentage of people earning a doctorate without a job waiting for them is up. While all disciplines face the problem, some have particularly high debt levels.

New books focus on reforming graduate education, managing the graduate school experience

New books set out agendas for both professors and students on how to change the experience and career paths.


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