Graduate students

More Jobs, Fewer New Ph.D.'s

Arnita A. Jones almost gushed when she told historians about how many new Ph.D.'s she was chatting up at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association in Atlanta who were telling her, "I have four interviews tomorrow," or "I've got three interviews today."

Can You Rank Crotchetiness?

If you can't, what do would-be graduate students really need to know about their potential professors and departments?

Institutionalizing Interdisciplinary Study

Northwestern's graduate school considers how best to run a new program that creates a second academic home for some students.

Minorities and the Sociology Pipeline

Study finds that minority sociologists disproportionately drop out of academe at the Ph.D. level and again during tenure process.

Upping the Ante in Graduate Stipends

Chicago announces expanded benefits for students in humanities and social sciences -- with goal of speeding Ph.D. completion.

Unusual Mix of Prayer and Politics

Yale Divinity School students burn the Ten Commandments and Bill of Rights -- in prayer, not protest.

Sociology Dept. Fails Power Relationships?

At U. of Florida, graduate students complain about inappropriate remarks and bullying by professors.

Sister Mentors

Minority women pursuing their Ph.D.'s mentor one another and young girls to keep the pipeline open at all levels.

New Way to Rank Ph.D. Programs

Foundation-supported effort doesn't let any department claim top status, but potential students get to decide how to weight factors.

ETS Aborts New GRE

Facing frustrated graduate admissions officials, testing service abandons changes in substance and format of exam.


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