Graduation rates

Research links rise in college completion to grade inflation

New research argues that increases in GPAs are responsible for the rise in college completion rates since the 1990s.


How much do inequities in higher education cost?


Georgetown University researchers estimate in a new report that the United States loses billions of dollars annually because of inequities in higher education.


Pandemic coincides with boom in projects to re-enroll college students

Companies and colleges are launching new programs and partnerships to re-enroll stopped-out students. The timing couldn't have been better.


Completion rates still rising, new data show, but at slower pace

The latest report from the National Student Clearinghouse finds completion rates still rising across all sectors in higher education, but with a slowing pace.


New data on the 36 million Americans who left college without a credential

Report features broad new data on 36 million Americans who left college without a credential, including 3.8 million who returned to college in the last five years, nearly one million of whom completed.


New grant program at Pitt matches Pell Grants and targets students' unmet need

The University of Pittsburgh isn't offering free tuition. Instead, it's matching Pell Grants and shifting merit aid after calculating how much unmet need is too much.


Students with some college and no credential still benefit in the labor market

Students who attended college but didn't earn a credential were more likely to hold a job and earned more than their peers who stopped at high school, new research finds.


Feds release broader data on socioeconomic status and college enrollment and completion

Family wealth is linked to students' odds of enrolling and graduating from college, according to new federal data, as well as the type and selectivity of college they attend.


Senate Democrat adds momentum to push for accountability for all colleges

Democrats are talking more about how failures happen across the higher education system, not just at for-profit colleges -- their traditional punching bag. So can they agree with Republicans on new standards for all colleges?


Cal State system sees record increases in graduation rates

At same time, gaps between underrepresented minority students and everyone else are narrowing.



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