Graduation rates

Metrics of college performance don't reach adult students

Adult students aren't using College Scorecard and other consumer websites as they consider college, and they aren't interested in performance metrics like graduation rates and debt levels.

Complete College America report tracks state approaches to performance-based funding

Complete College America talks up peformance-based funding at its annual meeting, releasing a report that rates the 16 states that have tried it so far.

Students, faculty sign pledge for college completion

Students are asking faculty members to pledge to create a culture of completion.

Incoming student characteristics determine graduation rates, studies find

Colleges that serve fewer disadvantaged students have higher graduation rates, new studies find, a fact policy makers should heed.

New GAO report on spending patterns of veterans' tuition benefits

New federal report tracks where 1 million student veterans are going to college, and where the $11 billion in education benefits they receive is going.

Voluntary performance measures from Gates-backed group

Diverse group of 18 institutions, with Gates's backing, releases new set of metrics to measure colleges' performance and return on investment.

Associate degree program requirements typically top 60 credits

Community colleges often require more than 60 credits for associate degrees, which could be a barrier to graduation for some students.

Nonprofit group Single Stop helps low-income students avoid financial barriers

For many needy college students, finishing degrees starts with applying for food stamps or filling out a federal tax form.

Consequences of racial and economic stratification in community colleges

Segregation in higher education remains largely ignored, but two new studies show increasing concentrations of disadvantaged students at community colleges can affect completion rates.

InsideTrack's student coaching proves completion payoff

Student coaching appears to pay off by boosting retention and graduation rates. Does outsourcing coaching make sense if a private company does it best?


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