Graduation rates

Study finds that high schoolers who are physically attractive are more likely to complete college


High schoolers who are physically attractive are more likely than others to complete college, study finds.

Students are unlikely to graduate if they stop out more than once, study finds

Most community college students take a break from college on the way to earning a four-year degree, but few make it there if they "stop out" more than once.

Community college completion strategies lack scale, report finds

Community colleges are trying proven completion strategies, but typically with only a limited number of students.

NYU offers to let election go forward on union for teaching assistants but not research assistants

NYU offers to permit election on collective bargaining for teaching assistants, but not for research assistants. Move marks shift for university, but union leader says it is based on "arbitrary distinctions."

College associations introduce new ways to measure student completion

College associations create system to convey more information on completion than is provided by federal report.

Lumina reloads with 10 new short-term attainment goals

Lumina Foundation sets 10 new degree attainment goals for 2016 while decrying growing racial and ethnic gaps.

Study questioning college-going for all is itself questioned

A Brookings paper challenging the notion that "everyone should go to college" is itself challenged (from many sides) for overstating its case.

California community colleges release completion scorecards

California's community colleges get graded with new completion scorecards. Experts say the data are among the best provided by a public college system.

Community college learns that boosting retention comes with a cost

A community college tries to boost its completion rate, but takes a 20 percent enrollment hit in the process.

New effort to collect student veterans' graduation rates

The U.S. Veterans Administration and the National Student Clearinghouse team up to track graduation rates.


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