Teaching the Quarantined

Bracing for a season of H1N1, University of Michigan encourages faculty to use distance learning models to reach sick students.

H1N1 Scenarios

U.S. releases guidance for colleges on possible flu outbreaks. Goal is to keep institutions open, but officials say fall semester could pose unusual challenges.

Flu and Football Season

How bad would an outbreak of H1N1 have to get before an institution decided to cancel a big-time sporting event? Athletics departments say they have no clue, but hope prevention efforts keep them from finding out.

H1N1 Creeps Onto Campuses

With fall classes beginning at many institutions, administrators are getting a chance to test out the "swine flu" prevention and containment plans they've been formulating since the virus first appeared last spring.

2 Student Deaths Linked to H1N1

While vast majority of campus ailments are being treated successfully, incidents show how grave dangers can be in some cases.

Impact on the Healthy

As H1N1 spreads, it leaves uninfected students unsure about whether to go to crowded frat parties or to fill a football stadium on game day.

Counting Faculty and Staff Absences

U. of New Mexico introduces system aimed at spotting an H1N1 outbreak and helping administrators make decisions about illness-related closures. Some faculty skepticism ensues.

Swine Flu's Ebbs and Flows

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health departments have begun delivering H1N1 vaccines to scores of colleges and universities across the country, and those inoculations are arriving in very different climates for the illness from campus to campus.

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