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In looking for federal guidance, colleges encountered a compromised CDC

Colleges rely on guidance from a federal health agency that is operating, as one public health expert put it, "with two hands tied behind its back."

Students studying to be health-care professionals on front lines of coronavirus outbreak

Nursing programs emphasize infection-control strategies and adherence to protocols as new coronavirus spreads.

CDC tells colleges to 'consider' canceling foreign exchange programs because of coronavirus

Citing dynamic nature of coronavirus spread, new guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells colleges to "consider" canceling foreign exchange programs and asking current participants to return to their home countries.

No-shows burden counseling center resources

Colleges and students are trying to find a middle ground between the increasing demands for mental health services and the rising costs of providing it.

Texas college thinks it has cracked the code for high-demand health-care fields

The College of Health Care Professions, a for-profit in Texas, has solid outcomes for low-income students in health-care fields. How does the model work?

UCLA doctor accused of sexual violence only the latest in a series of incidents on college campuses

A former UCLA physician charged with sexual battery is only the latest in the string of cases in which trusted medical professionals are accused of preying on college students.

Florida State launches 'resilience' project to teach students about effects of early trauma

Florida State administrators launch campaign for all 6,000 new students, designed to teach them how to cope with both everyday stressors and early trauma, which is shown to lead to greater health problems.

New campaign tries to mandate vaccination for meningitis B

A new campaign is trying to get major universities to mandate vaccination for a rarer form of meningitis.

Associations fear new Trump insurance rules will drive up student health-care costs

College health experts are worried new rules from the Trump administration will result in students, particularly graduate students, paying more for health care.

The rise of PrEP on college campuses

The prophylactic drug PrEP is being prescribed more at institutions, despite concerns from some college health officials.


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