U.S. campuses are on edge over Ebola

One college suspends new admissions for all of Africa while other institutions have disinvited speakers or quarantined students and faculty. 


Spelman College builds up student health initiative in years after leaving NCAA

Two years after Spelman announced it was leaving the NCAA, the historically black women's college is attempting a "wellness revolution."


A case in Costa Rica illustrates the complexities of responding to sexual assault in study abroad

After a student is sexually assaulted during a semester in Costa Rica, the faculty members who assisted her lose their jobs, the study abroad provider shuts its doors, and the student says the wrong people have been punished. What happened?


Faculty study abroad leader comes under fire for decisions about student health

A University of New Hampshire lecturer is dismissed after administrators question medical decisions she made leading a trip to Nicaragua. She says she could have used more support from the institution -- not condemnation.


Preparing for an unusually severe flu season, colleges draw on lessons from H1N1 pandemic

Trying to head off a likely epidemic flu season, college officials are breaking out prevention and treatment tactics developed in the wake of 2009's H1N1 pandemic.


Study finds increased risk of sexual assault on study abroad

New preliminary research suggests that the risk of sexual assault for female undergraduates increases during study abroad.

Spelman eliminates athletics in favor of campus-wide wellness initiative

Spelman is eliminating intercollegiate athletics and withdrawing from NCAA competition, instead focusing on a campus-wide wellness initiative that emphasizes fitness for everyone.


Paul Quinn College gets eye glasses for 15 percent of its students

Up to 15 percent of students at Paul Quinn College needed eye glasses but couldn't afford them. Thanks to a blend of conviction, fund-raising and serendipity, now they can.


Health centers adjust to new federal provision

Health centers that don't adjust their billing practices for women's preventive services might see more students seeking care off-campus, thanks to a provision in the Affordable Care Act that takes effect today.


College counseling and health center merger trend worries some staff

Under increasing stress, more campus health and counseling centers are integrating their services. But the growing trend is causing discontent among some staff.



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