Meth Use: How Widespread on Campus?

As Justice Department reaches out to students, health educators are unsure of the extent of the problem.

Hunger Doesn't Wait

On Day 25 of a hunger strike at Purdue University, Mark Franciose's fatigue registered even through the phone lines. His tired, quiet voice -- and the sustained pauses in conversation -- conveyed just how much he was struggling to fully wake up early Monday afternoon.

Torts, Trials and ... Treatments

Panel suggests law schools do more to ensure that high-risk students can find help.

A Campus Nightmare

Cheyney U. reacts amid reports that HIV-positive prostitute had sex with 10 students -- and is hazy on details of condom use.

An Honest Conversation About Alcohol

Middlebury's ex-president wins backing for campaign to show unintended impact of -- and alternatives to -- drinking age of 21.

Furor Over Dismissals

Termination of beloved counseling director at UNC Asheville seen as symptomatic of new administration's attitude toward old hands.

Off-Campus Cancer Cluster?

Newspaper's investigation into illnesses among young alumni puts Susquehanna U. officials on the defensive.

Privacy and Protection

Panel reviewing Virginia Tech massacre struggles with laws that could hamper coordinated interventions with mentally ill students.

High Blood Pressure and Obesity in the Dorm

Undergraduates' health risks go beyond booze and freshman 15, study finds.

Staph Infections Come to Campus

Colleges across the country are dealing with a drug-resistant strain of the condition that can prove deadly.


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