Reaching Students With Chronic Illness

DePaul program focuses on a growing population that needs help (sometimes) and flexibility (all the time).

Flu U

At U. of Michigan, a dormitory becomes a laboratory for a major public health study.

More Spiritual, But Not in Church

As undergraduates progress in college careers, they care more about issues of faith and meaning, but are less likely to attend religious services, survey finds.

'Student Bodies'

In campus health centers, Heather Munro Prescott sees much more than places to promote student health. Their history reflects important societal values on the evolution of higher education in the United States, about the education of women, and about some of the most controversial social issues of the day.

Taking Their Medicine

The shooter at Northern Illinois U. reportedly had stopped taking his medication. What factors put college and graduate students at risk of defying doctors' orders?

U.S. Proposes New Rules on Student Privacy

Guidelines would give college administrators more latitude in releasing information when they fear for students' health and safety.

Among the Uninsured: 1.7 Million College Students

20 percent of students don't have coverage -- and even among those who do, college-sponsored health plans vary dramatically in quality of benefits.

Predicting and Preventing Campus Violence

Experts in the field gather at Columbia University to discuss school shooters, student suicides and the law, among other topics.

Your Campus ID and Insurance Card, Please

With times tough, college health center directors report growing interest in billing insurance companies for services.

Do They Ever Learn?

U. of Iowa accused of inadequate response to alleged sexual assault by 2 athletes. How can universities prevent such incidents?


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