Smoking by Students Declines

Analysis by American Lung Association suggests that college policies could be strengthened to further discourage tobacco use.

Cruise Virus Becomes Campus Virus

As Georgetown students recover, possible outbreak hits U. of Southern California, and other incidents are likely.

Health, Behavior and College GPA

Your mother always told you that doing drugs and watching too much TV would hurt your grades. A new study proves it.

The Mental Health of Students and Non-Students

Major national study finds that disorders are widespread -- and treatment is not -- for those who are 19-25, regardless of their enrollment status.

Rules Seek to Clarify FERPA

Post-Virginia Tech, Education Department wants to assure colleges about the student information they can release.

Counting Cancer Cases Among Alumni

Responding to fears of a possible cluster among young Susquehanna U. graduates, new state health report finds no environmental explanation for higher rates of illnesses.

Mental Health on Campus

25% of students receiving mental health services have seriously considered suicide, according to new national study.

Swine Flu Hits Several Campuses

U. of Delaware reports 10 probable cases. Several colleges call off student trips to Mexico or bring students home early.

Swine Flu Impact

Texas Wesleyan, Western Oregon and Harvard Dental close temporarily. Northeastern seeks to prevent handshakes at today's graduation ceremonies.

When To Call a Flu Day

Some colleges with cases of H1N1 close down, while others stay open.


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