Swine Flu and Student Flows

In study abroad, there's been concern about U.S. students contracting the H1N1 virus while abroad; now, there's also concern about them spreading it.

Paying for Campus Health Care

At college health gathering, a packed house hears encouragement for the idea of requiring all students to be enrolled in a single insurance plan.

Reaching Students Who Don't Report Depression

SAN FRANCISCO -- Among the greatest frustrations of campus mental health professionals is that those who need help the most may never seek out services that are available. “If you talk to college counseling directors about those on their campuses who have committed suicide, most of them never entered their centers," said Henry Chung, to many nods here, at a session at the annual meeting of the American College Health Association.

A Rape Case That's Not Going Away

Controversy over a sexual assault at the University of the Pacific has moved from the campus to a national student affairs organization in the blink of an eye. A letter signed by 13 rape prevention and health professionals across the country calls for NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education to reassess its recent choice to be president-elect, Elizabeth Griego, who is also vice president for student affairs at Pacific, because they believe she was irresponsible in handling the allegations about the assault.

The Flu Waiting Game

No one is quite sure what form the H1N1 virus will take once flu seasons hits, so colleges are preparing the best they can for the fall.

No Gender Gap for Victims of Violence

College students of both genders are equally likely to suffer physical or emotional violence, although the nature of violence differs, a new study says.

Teaching the Quarantined

Bracing for a season of H1N1, University of Michigan encourages faculty to use distance learning models to reach sick students.

H1N1 Scenarios

U.S. releases guidance for colleges on possible flu outbreaks. Goal is to keep institutions open, but officials say fall semester could pose unusual challenges.

H1N1 Creeps Onto Campuses

With fall classes beginning at many institutions, administrators are getting a chance to test out the "swine flu" prevention and containment plans they've been formulating since the virus first appeared last spring.

2 Student Deaths Linked to H1N1

While vast majority of campus ailments are being treated successfully, incidents show how grave dangers can be in some cases.


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