Impact on the Healthy

As H1N1 spreads, it leaves uninfected students unsure about whether to go to crowded frat parties or to fill a football stadium on game day.

Counting Faculty and Staff Absences

U. of New Mexico introduces system aimed at spotting an H1N1 outbreak and helping administrators make decisions about illness-related closures. Some faculty skepticism ensues.

Students Missing in Health Plans

Legislation moving through Congress seems to forget college students in its provisions.

Using Extra Protection

"Safer Sex Night" at Oberlin College has garnered a reputation for debauchery, but organizers are trying to tone it down and promote education.

Swine Flu's Ebbs and Flows

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state health departments have begun delivering H1N1 vaccines to scores of colleges and universities across the country, and those inoculations are arriving in very different climates for the illness from campus to campus.

Toward Tobacco-Free Campuses

College health group urges members to ban the use of all tobacco products, outdoors and indoors, ending exemption for designated smoking areas.

New Blueprint for Architecture

Undergraduate programs are being revised to embrace more liberal arts courses and – in some instances -- to ease students’ workloads.

A Different Kind of Test

One college takes "sound mind, sound body" to a new level, requiring students to lose weight or take a fitness class to graduate.

A Different Kind of Pregnant Student

New effort focuses on preventing unwanted pregnancies at community colleges.

Stopping Short of No More Fries

As Lincoln U. debates fitness requirement for obese students, other institutions search for less controversial ways to deal with the issue.


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