Lincoln U. Ends Obesity Rule

Faculty members vote to keep health class that set off national debate, but to make it optional.

Ifs, Ands and Butts

After a wave of colleges banned smoking, some officials feel pressure to make exceptions, and still grapple with enforcement.

Keeping Student Health Affordable

Higher ed asks Congress to tweak its bill to ensure that college-based plans aren't classified as pricier "individual" policies.

Looking for Help

Campus counseling centers report a 16% increase in last year in students seeking assistance.

A Diploma for Healthiness

U. of Indianapolis encourages students to exercise, and eat well, with a new set of courses.

Allergic Nation

Colleges take steps to accommodate growing numbers of students with food allergies.

An Intimate Exam

Upsetting some students, U. of Minnesota Medical School stops using live patients to teach pelvic exams.

Medical Schools Expand -- and Contract

Economic realities shrink classes at a few U.S. medical schools, undercutting push to increase physician work force.

A 'Suicide School'?

Of all the things Cornell University wants to be known for, suicide isn’t among them. And yet, after years of trying to shake the image that it’s a “suicide school,” as one official called it Monday, recent deaths have made it difficult not to associate the upstate New York institution with an above-average suicide rate.

Health Care and Higher Ed

What the new legislation means for students, campus health centers and medical schools.


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