After a Suicide

One college's officials describe the grief, the duties and the debates after a student took his own life in a highly visible way.

Gender and Booze

Research suggests value of designing alcohol programs based on differences in how male and female students drink -- and think.

Psychological Troubles on the Rise

New survey of counseling center directors reveals major concerns about suicides and policies to prevent them.

Settlement in MIT Suicide Suit

Experts had hoped that legal fight would offer guidance for other colleges on liability for students with serious mental health problems.

Thank You for Not Smoking

George Washington law professor threatens to sue administrator for perceived failure to limit smoking outside buildings.

Campus Mumps Outbreak Spreads

Infections that started at Iowa institutions are now spreading throughout the Midwest and as far as Pennsylvania.

Giving In at George Washington U.

After professor threatens to sue official, university says it will take stronger steps to deter smoking outside buildings.

Errors of Admission?

Tragic murder sets off lawsuit and debate over who is responsible for protecting students from criminals.

Another Round (or Five)

New study shows many students greatly exceed traditional criteria for binge drinking, and urges focus on those most at risk.

How Healthy Are Campus Health Centers?

Directors share perspectives on where their profession is going -- and some worry about the trends.


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