High schools

Coming Soon to a Classroom Near You

Study of high school seniors shows they have high aspirations -- but not the math skills to match.  

Another Attack on Evolution

Berkeley sued over Web site created by professors to help high school teachers.

High Schools and High College Costs

Students' need for remediation is a major driver of institutions' (and families') costs, and a target for policy makers.

Left Out of the Elites

Low income, high performing students are plentiful enough that selective colleges should be able to admit more of them, study finds.

Tough Love for Colleges

Federal higher ed panel emphasizes colleges' high prices and urges greater accountability.

Survival of the Fittest Theory

Federal judge rejects intelligent design curriculum as religious and non-scientific.

Tons of Test Takers

Many more students are enrolling in AP courses, but enrollments don't always translate into good scores.

Not in Kansas Anymore

Bill in Wisconsin, backed by Madison scientists, would ban intelligent design and creationism from being taught as science in public schools.

Another Peek Into the 'Toolbox'

In an effort to shed light on the hows and whys behind students’ success at completing college, the U.S. Education Department has released a new report called “The Toolbox Revisited.” 

The longitudinal study, which its author calls a “data essay,” explores the high school class of 1992 as it moved from high school to higher education and compares its success, favorably, to the high school class of 1982 tracked in an earlier report, “Answers in the Tool Box.”

Real Classes Have Teachers

NCAA considers a crackdown on high school diploma mills that help athletes get eligible.


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