High schools

Lending a Brain

Colleges and universities urged to help American schools teach science and math.

Homework: Get Accepted to College

The application process is becoming a requirement for high school graduation in some Texas districts, with encouraging results. 

Rich Student, Poor Student

New Web site raises uncomfortable questions about which institutions enroll those with the most financial need.

Can ACT Improve the Pipeline?

As more states consider the test as part of high school assessment programs, policy experts see results but urge caution.

Innovation Overload

Congressional advisory panel launches study to explore programs to help low- and moderate-income students graduate.

Out of Control Admissions Hype

This year's headlines aren't only deceptive, but they may be needlessly discouraging students, many experts say.

NCAA Homes In on High Schools

Presidents also approve review of why baseball players are struggling academically.

Ready or Not

Students' preparation for college and work require the same learning ingredients, ACT report finds, but states are failing the grade.

Prowling for Cash

Colleges are angered to be told by new college guide that if they don't take out ads, they will get blank pages.

No Pain, No Gain

Educators consider how to make high schools more rigorous so low-income students can qualify for new federal grants for college.


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